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A key factor in the development of this scheme has been the significant amount of feasibility and public consultation work which has shaped the final design. This ensures that the facilities provided are those that the local community wants, needs and will actively use.

Flexibility has been a key consideration throughout the design process. The building footprint is worked as hard as possible to enable the venue to offer a broad, varied range of events and to maximise the use of each

space throughout the day. There is an inherent sustainability in this approach of incorporating a large programme into a compact building envelope as it not only reduces the carbon footprint, but also makes the venue into a more vibrant social hub where spaces do not lie empty. The lower running costs associated

with a smaller building are highly beneficial in ensuring the venue's long-term financial resilience.

Construction Process & Ongoing Management

The construction process should minimise waste and maximise opportunities for recycling of materials. Membership of schemes such as the Considerate Constructors Scheme will be taken into account in the tender process when selecting a contractor. Solar Panels are planned for the roof of the building along with low energy ventilation systems and electrical equipment plus low flow fixtures.

The aspiration is that the eventual venue operator will adopt sustainable building management policies, such as regular reviews of mechanical systems to ensure optimum efficiency, night-time switch-off of electrical

apparatus wherever possible, and a robust recycling strategy. The café/bar will source ingredients from local suppliers where possible - to minimise food miles and support the local economy.

Perhaps most importantly, ongoing engagement with the local community will not only bring direct benefits to the sustainability of The Beehive Centre itself, it also has the potential to play a role in strengthening and sustaining the community that the venue supports.

Decorative picture of solar panels
Decorative picture of The Beehive's cafe
Decorative picture of audience


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