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Beehive Loan application gets the thumbs up!

13 September 2021


Burgess Hill’s proposed Beehive community centre and arts venue has received a massive thumbs up as the Town Council has now received approval for the £4.8m loan.

Earlier this year the Council consulted widely with the residents of Burgess Hill and received overwhelming support for the project to go ahead. An application for the £4.8million was lodged with the Public Works Loan Board and approval for the first tranche of £1.68million has now been received. Provided satisfactory progress is made further tranches will be approved and released as the building is constructed.

Mid Sussex District Council is currently considering amendments to the original planning approval which will allow demolition of the old British Legion building in Cyprus Road to commence, and their decision will be known in the near future. A bat survey has been undertaken and showed that no bats were present on the site. The application for a Charitable Incorporated Organisation to manage The Beehive has been approved by the Charity Commission and a professional team has been appointed to manage the demolition and construction.

Leader of the Council, Robert Eggleston commented, “this is tremendous news for Burgess Hill as approval of the £4.8m loan gives us the financial muscle power to deliver this key community project for the town. We can now also begin to look for other sources of funding so that we can either reduce the amount we borrow or look to deliver Phase 2 of the project at the same time as Phase 1. Whilst there is still a long way to go we can begin to look forward with real confidence that The Beehive can and will be delivered.”


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