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Acoustic Flexibility

The auditorium is being designed to host a wide range of performances and rehearsals as well as private events such as weddings.

The internal brick, timber and other finishes will be tailored to provide excellent acoustic conditions for amateur and professional drama and other spoken word events. When the space is used for amplified music or speech such as rock and pop concerts, musicals or comedy, a more controlled room acoustic is required. This will be achieved by deploying drapes in the upper volume of the room to reduced reverberance and helping to optimise the overall quality of the amplified sound for the audience as the performers.

The Beehive is expected to be a busy, in-demand space. To allow events to take place in the Dance Studio at the same time as events in the auditorium directly below, the dance studio will be a ‘box-in-box’ construction to control airborne and impact sound transmission.

Particular care is being taken in design of the mechanical ventilation and cooling system to achieve a low background noise level – an essential ingredient for quality performances and rehearsals. Similarly, careful attention is being paid to control noise from building services and event noise breakout to the surrounding environment.

Noise Survey

The building will be designed to meet the stringent noise limits set out in the planning conditions.

The Baseline Noise Survey submitted as part of the planning application sets out the noise limits that the architects will be working to in the detailed design phase of the building envelope/windows and mechanical services. The limits set out in this document are based upon the baseline noise survey carried out using acoustic measuring equipment on the site. The limits take into account the fact that the venue is surrounded by residential properties.

Click on the following link to view a copy of The Baseline Noise Survey submitted as part of the planning application.

Decorative picture of stage microphones
Decorative picture of a concert


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