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The Design

Burgess Hill Town Council has been working with the community since 2016 on the design and content of the new venue culminating in The Beehive project which will be delivered in three phases.

The Beehive is designed as an attractive modern building with an internal layout that can be quickly reconfigured for a range of uses and will offer inclusivity by design. A core element is the theatre, a characterful and inviting space with seating set on an upwards slope and two galleries, capable of hosting shows for up to 300 people and can be reconfigured to allow for different stage set ups. The retractable seating allows for standing events.

Our vision is to extend The Beehive in Phase 3 of the build so that it includes the existing Cyprus Hall. Cyprus Hall and its rooms will get a major refurbishment and the combined buildings will give Burgess Hill a community venue that will meet the town‘s needs for generations to come.

Perspective view of The Beehive after Phase 1 and 2

A Phased Build

The building will be completed in three phases but will be opened and ready for use when Phase 1 is completed.

Phase 1: This will be the main build on four floors featuring all the key aspects including the theatre auditorium with sprung floor, flexible meeting/dressing rooms and café/bar.

Phase 2: Is the completion and fit-out of the second floor which creates a dedicated rehearsal, dance and education suite. The suite will be fully equipped with sprung floor, changing facilities and waiting area.

Phase 3: This will see the integration of The Beehive with Cyprus Hall next door. Cyprus Hall would be completely refurbished and linking the two buildings would increase available facilities through the addition of more meeting areas and a museum display room.

Decorative image

Performance Space

The live performance space can accommodate up to 300 depending on stage configuration. The centre will enable people of all ages to enjoy a variety of events, from local pantomime, regional exhibitions and national music to community groups holding regular meetings for their members and training courses. With the ability to expand The Beehive with a Phase 3 extension that incorporates Cyprus Hall the town will have a venue that can cater for our growing town‘s needs and serve as a premier community facility and performing arts venue to be enjoyed now and for generations to come.

The auditorium will be dedicated to the late Dame Vera Lynn who was a strong supporter of The Beehive from day one.


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